Gallery Wall Ideas

Gallery walls don’t have to be huge, try small groupings of two or three frames together to make a coordinated display. Distressed wooden frames with rope accents are in right now! Mix and match to customize the look. Take a look at our small frames collection to make your own unique display.

Consider adding an accent table with additional frames under your gallery wall, it really brings the whole wall together. An Adirondack chair with a cozy pillow and blanket makes the wall feel homey and anchored. Our Sea Frames Gallery Collection makes for perfect beach house décor.

With all those great wedding pictures – why not create a gallery wall completely devoted to your big day? We have tons of ideas for wedding gallery walls and how to display your wedding pictures.

Baby Boy Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are super cute in baby rooms and are perfect for displaying newborn pictures. Consider creating a gallery wall for a baby girl’s room with her monogrammed initials and small shelfs to hold tiny keepsakes and stuffed animals. Check out our baby girl gallery for more ideas.

Baby Boy Gallery Wall

Keep in mind – a gallery wall doesn’t always have to have pictures! Wall hangings and other non-traditional items (like baby shoes that don’t fit anymore) make for a very cute display. Take a look at the baby boy gallery for more ideas on nursery décor.


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