Mud Pie Internship Program

The Mud Pie Internship Program offers college students an opportunity to gain significant work experience in a number of roles integral to Mud Pie’s business operations.

Program Description:

Mud Pie offers a 6-8 week summer internship opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in the wholesale import, product development and e-commerce industries. Interns work with specific departments within Mud Pie that match their coursework, experience and career interests. During the internship, students will work closely with Mud Pie employees, including senior staff, to complete a variety of practical assignments that will put students on the path to professional success. Interns will also be able to participate in professional development workshops, lunches with company leadership and other activities held over the course of the summer.


In order to be eligible for the Mud Pie Internship Program, interns must be full-time students actively working towards a graduate or undergraduate degree at an accredited college or university, with at least a 3.0 GPA. Undergraduate applicants must have completed at least six semesters of undergraduate coursework. Interns will need to bring their own laptop.


Mud Pie is proud to offer paid internships. Interns will be paid at an hourly rate.

How to Apply:

Interested applicants should send a copy of their resume and cover letter specifying their desired internship to

Available Internships – Summer of 2017:

Product Development Interns

Area of Study and Other Requirements:  Mud Pie seeks two (2) Product Development Interns. Successful candidates will be Product Development, Product Design, Fashion Design, Industrial Engineering or Design or other design oriented majors. Candidates must have Adobe Illustrator knowledge and experience.

Description and Responsibilities: The Product Development Interns will support the designers and merchandisers within the Product Development department’s Kids, Living and Fashion divisions. Specific responsibilities will include: researching categories for new or add-on product ideas; gathering lists of words or sayings for different product categories; researching marketplace pricing for different categories; showroom ticketing; preparation of story boards/trending boards for new theme ideas; organization of strike-off filings and product samples; updating and printing line sheets; and assisting with design of products.

E-Commerce and Public Relations Intern

Area of Study and Other Requirements: Marketing or Public Relations major. Competitive candidates will also have some experience creating graphics.

Description and Responsibilities: The E-Commerce and Public Relations Intern will assist Mud Pie’s E-Commerce and Public Relations teams with all aspects of their positions. Specific responsibilities will include: assisting with gift show event preparation; preparation of press materials for Fall/Holiday product launches; management of samples for vlog series, blogger relationships and media; development of look books; hot spotting of catalogs; cropping and editing images of products for website; and support of social media and websites.

Sales and Marketing Intern

Area of Study and Other Requirements: Marketing, Sales, Communications or related major.

 Description and Responsibilities: The Sales and Marketing Intern will assist Mud Pie’s team of sales and marketing professionals with the daily administrative, support and marketing tasks required to drive the sales of Mud Pie products. Specific responsibilities will include: assisting with gift show event preparation; preparation for trade shows, including packing and setting up trade show booths, training and customer sales; analysis of sales information and preparation of sales reports; preparation of product training materials for sales representatives; and communication with Mud Pie’s internal and external sales teams.

Operations and Logistics Intern

Area of Study and Other Requirements: Business, Supply Chain, Logistics or related major. Candidate must have strong Microsoft Excel skills and knowledge of purchasing and inventory business processes and/or ERP systems are each a plus.

Description and Responsibilities: The Operations and Logistics Intern will assist the members of the Operations Department with all aspects of their daily responsibilities, including, but not limited to: assisting with the product purchasing process, managing inventory, generating reports on inventory and vendor performance, communicating with vendors, and monitoring shipments.